Firstdent Implant Clinic Review – Best Tooth Replacement Service Budapest

Firstdent replaced my missing tooth quickly and easily at half the price my London dentist quoted me.  I am so happy and impressed I wanted to do a review hangout.  Firstdent are in Budapest and London – I had my examination in London and my operation in Budapest – flew with Wizzair for £50 :-).  I went to their London surgery this morning to check everything was healing nicely.

Their chief dentist Renata Heintz  is the best dentist I have ever found.  So if you want your teeth replaced quickly and cheaply and really well done you should go to  and the surgery is very smart and well equipped – better than my guy in London.

Going to a dentist in Budapest was quite an exciting adventure.  Budapest is a lovely city with great food and lots to see.  Accommodation is not expensive and the flight was really cheap – £50 with Wizzair from Luton.  The firstdent team were so nice and thoughtful and checked to make sure my flight went well and I arrived safely.  A service as good as this needs a ‘shout out’ so I am doing it!   0845 057 3670 in UK.


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