Mental attitudeis so critical.

Mental attitudeis so critical.

A Good Attitude Is Empowering
“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”– Scott Hamilton
Frame of mind is so important. Why; because attitude controls your mind which controls every little thing. It’s what makes the huge difference between a good athlete and a poor one; a successful entrepreneur or a failure; a great artist/musician and a poor one.
But Hamilton is not the only instance of women and men overcoming great obstacles in their lives. There is Helen Keller, deaf and blind from a very young age; President Abraham Lincoln who rose from being a bare foot poor boy from Missouri, to becoming a self taught layer who eventually became our 16th President of the United States. The list goes on and on of people defeating the odds against them armed with simply a good attitude. A bad attitude can stop any man or woman’s dream.
What is the key to attaining the great attitude we talk so much about? Art Link letter said it this way: “Things end up best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” That is the magic formula and nothing more or less.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigned from a wheel chair and won the Presidential election in 1933. He served an unprecedented 4 terms in office from 1933-1945 serving as a handicapped man serving through some of the toughest times our country has ever seem seen including the great depression and the 2nd world war.
Hamilton is right when he says the only disability is a bad attitude. Having a bad attitude has a bad ending in store for all who choose that road of self indulgence and self pity which is where a bad attitude always leads in the end.
Having a good attitude empowers you and when you are empowered you can empower others you meet. Yes that’s right, sometimes you will have to fake it till you make but in the long run you will see that having a good attitude will get simpler and easier until is comes as second nature to you. Today be empowered and decide to face your day with a good attitude!

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