Would you date an amputee?

Big question, simple answer.  Dating an amputee woman is exactly the same as dating an able-bodied woman.  You see if you like eachother and if you do you go out together, taking sensitive account of her disabilities and then you begin a relationship with her.  Her amputee status is only an incidental to the dating process.  Of course if you feel uncomfortable about what other people may or may not think of your choice of girlfriend is down to you and your own character.  Essentially you want to date someone you like and lets you feel good about yourself and turns you on.  Whether that person manifests with one leg or two is not relevant to my mind anyway.  None of us is a perfect being, some of our scars and disabilities are hidden inside us but are there nevertheless!
There are many good sites out there for finding an amputee mate and this video examines your possibilities in the United Kingdom.  If you enjoy this video then please like it and spread good karma on the web.


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